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Welcome to Team Dunedin,

OUR PURPOSE is to enable democratic decisions
on behalf of our community.

Team Dunedin has been formed by Dunedin City Councillors Jules Radich and Andrew Whiley to contest the 2022 election. We have gathered a group of citizens who are prepared to stand and be counted, who are ready to listen, speak up and take action to improve our fair city for the benefit of all. We are not aligned with any central government political party. We are standing to represent the best interests of Dunedin, its residents and its ratepayers.

Team Dunedin members hold ourselves to certain CORE PRINCIPLES: 

At the heart of our group is personal integrity and mutual respect.

We hold ourselves to high standards of kindness, fairness and honesty while listening openly to the thoughts of others.
This means that we will serve the best interests of the people within our communities and wider area.

We will foster community confidence and trust by working together constructively and upholding the values of honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency.

We will be objective and make decisions based on meritWe will not behave improperly. We will uphold the law at all times.

Team Dunedin exists to better represent the people of Dunedin for the good of Dunedin.

It is clear that a significant portion of our population feel that decisions are being made in Council against their wishes.

Dunedin residents deserve better, they deserve representatives who listen carefully and act accordingly.

Team Dunedin is powered by supporters like you

What we want for Dunedin

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Fresh Faces, Inclusive Ideas, Progressive Plans.

Councillors to re-elect

Cr Andrew Whiley
Andrew Whiley was elected to the Dunedin City Council in October 2013.  Now in his third elected term, he is a committed community-focused councillor; he is Chair of Bylaw Hearings, Deputy Chair of...
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Cr Jules Radich
As a scientist and businessman with mechanical skills, his strengths are in problem solving, consensus building and strategic thinking. Jules was born in Southland and moved to Dunedin to attend Otago University. After...
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Fresh Talent for Council

Cheryl Neill
Cheryl has  a background in hospitality working as a chef in both Australia and New Zealand. In 1997 she changed direction and entered Otago University and trained as a teacher graduating in...
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Kevin Gilbert
Being in business for more than 15 years he brings a strong focus on both financial and environmental sustainability.   Born and raised in Christchurch, Kevin then travelled and worked around the...
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Callum Steele
Callum has a bachelor of arts with a major in political science, and a minor in English. Accompanying his tertiary education, he has experience in policy development and local governance. Currently serving...
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Lynnette Scott
Lynnette has a background in finance and over the past couple decades she has also been an active investor in residential property in Dunedin. She was born and raised in Dunedin, completing...
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Brent Weatherall
Brent is a business man that has worked in the Central Business District of Dunedin since 1980. He is a qualified Jeweller and Watchmaker and owns his own Jewellery business with his...
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Jules Radich for Mayor of Dunedin

Jules Radich
If you want a successful city with leadership that listens, Jules Radich is here to serve you. Do you want to: Retain the 1-Way system? Keep ownership of 3-Waters assets? Bring our...
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