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Callum Steele

Callum has a bachelor of arts with a major in political science, and a minor in English. Accompanying his tertiary education, he has experience in policy development and local governance. Currently serving as a board member for the Brain Injury Association, he has also previously served on multiple local boards. These roles involved financial management of large assets, policy development, health and safety, and strategic planning.


Callum has worked in Dunedin hospitality for over 7 years and knows the community well. He has worked in restaurants, catering, retail, and local small business. He knows the importance of a council that supports small businesses and plans to make this a primary motivator if elected to council.


Callum grew up in Mornington and has always lived in Dunedin. Having traveled around New Zealand, Dunedin has always been his home. His passion and commitment to the community is the reason he is running for council. He wants to bring the focus of local elections back to the community, and away from party politics.


Once elected to council he plans to increase parking, strengthen the community voice in council, and reduce unnecessary spending.


Callum is running for the Dunedin City Council and hopes to gain your support in bringing back the voice of the Dunedin community.”

“Committed to Community”