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Councillors to re-elect

We are a diverse and highly skilled team with useful experience in the real world that we will bring to the Council table.

We are not career politicians tied to party platforms, we are real life working people, prepared to step up to and make decisions with and for the people of Dunedin.

Team Dunedin will listen to our residents, involve you in co-design and act on your behalf.

How to vote for Team Dunedin:

We use the Single Transferable Vote system (STV) in which voters may rank the candidates according to their preferences instead of simply ticking a box.

If you like Team Dunedin and want to support us into Council, please vote for us all starting with the current Councillors and including all our incoming candidates.

Please rank all of Team Dunedin as well as others of your choice for Dunedin City Councillors to make a total of 15.

We say 15 because we hope that our Mayoral candidate will win that honour which leaves your other 14 choices to complete the Council ranks.

Number them in your order of preference when you fill out your voting form.

We recommend that you stop numbering after 15 so that your vote is not transferred to any other candidate whom you might not want to take office.

You might want to include more than 15 people in your preferences which is fine, but STOP after numbering the candidates you want. If you give a number to people you do not want, your vote might transfer to them and you might help them into office against your intention.


Councillors to re-elect

Cr Andrew Whiley
Andrew Whiley was elected to the Dunedin City Council in October 2013.  Now in his third elected term, he is a committed community-focused councillor; he is Chair of Bylaw Hearings, Deputy Chair of...
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Cr Jules Radich
As a scientist and businessman with mechanical skills, his strengths are in problem solving, consensus building and strategic thinking. Jules was born in Southland and moved to Dunedin to attend Otago University. After...
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