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Cheryl Neill

  • Cheryl has  a background in hospitality working as a chef in both Australia and New Zealand. In 1997 she changed direction and entered Otago University and trained as a teacher graduating in 2000.
  • She has taught schools in Opotiki, Southland and Otago and has been teaching at Portobello School since 2015. Cheryl is the Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees and the school’s enviro leader. This involves teaching the students about the importance of being the kaitiakitanga (guardians) of our special place in the world.
  • In 2019 Cheryl was elected onto the Otago Peninsula Community Board. She has embraced this role and has worked hard for the people of the peninsula.  She solves problems in a practical and determined manner. Cheryl believes the views of the ratepayers need to be listened to and represented accordingly. Many people are not having their views heard by the council. She relates well to people of all ages as can be seen in her roles on the Community Board, School board of trustees and as a teacher.
  • Her family have lived on the Otago Peninsula since 1933. Cheryl lives with her husband Richard in Harwood. Her children Ben and Eve have both graduated from Otago University. Eve and her family live in Wellington and Ben is currently in London practising law.
  • Cheryl is running for both the Council and the Otago Peninsula Community Board.

Otago Peninsula is a jewel in the crown of New Zealand's scenic attractions