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Jules Radich

If you want a successful city with leadership that listens, Jules Radich is here to serve you.

Do you want to:

  • Retain the 1-Way system?

  • Keep ownership of 3-Waters assets?

  • Bring our Debt mountain under control?

Then Vote JULES RADICH for Mayor and TEAM DUNEDIN for Council.

With a large following among Dunedin voters, Jules has been regularly in the media throughout his term in Council. He believes in keeping citizens informed as well as including them in decision-making. His opinions on many issues come backed by practical experience in the real world of business ownership. Many of those opinions can be found on his Council facebook page in an open and transparent manner.

Having been in business in Dunedin for several decades, Jules enjoys a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Four of those have kindly nominated him for the privilege of representing the people of Dunedin. 

Jules, Barbara & Ben

Lynley Bunton and Barbara Brinsley have both been awarded QSMs for their community contribution. Kees Meeuws and Ben Smith have enriched the viewing experience of all NZ rugby and sports followers. Jules will work diligently with and for Dunedin residents bearing in mind the weight of responsibility of living up to the efforts and successes of his nominators.

Jules, Lynley & Kees

Jules' style of inclusive leadership is what Dunedin needs right now and he himself is an example of the melting pot of included cultures typical of New Zealanders. 

His Scottish grandmother gave him a determination to thrift, efficiency, and effectiveness which is always needed in Council and likely to be appreciated by ratepayers as their Mayor. 

His Maori grandmother bequeathed her love of the land and the sea. Jules is a long-standing member of Forest & Bird with a large garden of native trees and songbirds naturally disposing him to environmentalism and eco-protection. 

An Irish grandfather gave him a love of adventure, culture, and living life to the full which shows up in his enthusiasm for motorcycle riding, spearfishing, art, books, and outdoor activity. All these, Dunedin has in abundance to be protected and promoted.

Lastly, his Dalmation grandfather left him with an inclination to independence, business, and hard work - all of which Dunedin needs if we are to take our rightful title as the best place to live in New Zealand.

Jules motorcyclingOne of Jules's strengths is team building and that is visible right here on this Team Dunedin website where you may see a group of diverse individuals who have been drawn together to contest the Dunedin City Council election.

Born in Southland, Jules came to Dunedin to gain a science degree. After teaching science and physics for a few years, he ventured forth on the typical NZ Overseas Experience which lasted several years before returning to Dunedin to start a motorcycle shop thus turning his enduring enthusiasm for two wheels into an occupation.

Jules developed a very successful business team with Uptown Motorcycles, which he started from scratch here in Dunedin in 1984, and grew steadily for 20 years through a period of relentless decline in the motorcycle industry. After selling Uptown Motorcycles in 2004, Jules managed the Golden Centre for a few years then started Actioncoach Otago which he ran actively for 14 years, helping other business owners achieve their goals. He currently has interests in several NZ  companies including Izon Science, a Dunedin-originated nanotech company which now has offices around the world. 

As a team sports player for 50 years, Jules appreciates the value of having everyone working to an overall plan but able to express their individual talents. In his current sport of Underwater Hockey, Jules is the Dunedin club President and enjoys competing at local level where his knack for bringing out the best in others has won many tournaments.

St Clair PolesAnother strength is problem-solving which may be seen in his advocacy for the repair of the iconic poles on the beach at St Clair. These poles have been the most beloved art object in Dunedin with more photographs taken and artworks sold than any other object in the city. They were not an old wharf, they were a groyne, commonly used extensively in Europe to trap sand on beaches.

More sand is something that St Clair desperately needs. Poles with planks are the only proven mechanism to achieve that. Note that the red building on top of the sand dunes in the centre of this photograph below, has now been demolished and the dunes below where it used to stand are eroded away. You may find much more information on the topic at 

St Clair beach ~1990 showing sand accumulation by the groyne

Jules is active in the community and is the Council representative on the Saddle Hill Community Board (SHCB). Throughout the year, there are always projects in progress and Jules does enjoy lending a hand when it is feasible.

Jules at Ocean View

A couple of other useful SHCB projects included installation of a BBQ facility at the Brighton Domain and expansion of the carpark at Kaikorai Estuary.


Another project, inspired by the SHCB, but just slightly out of the area, was the installation of navigational safety cameras at Taieri Mouth. These are useful for fishers and recreational boaties crossing the bar or even just messing about in boats at the river mouth. The website includes 5 days of still images so that you can go back and see where the channel was at the last few low tides and also where other boaties, especially the commercial fishing boats are crossing. The address is:

Meals on Wheels with electric Smart car

Occasionally, regular drivers cannot be there on a particular day, so Jules enjoys using his Smart car for Meals on Wheels deliveries if he is called upon. The vehicle is particularly suitable because it is so nippy and can fit into tiny parks, especially on our hill suburbs.

Morepork in the backdoor punga

A foundation member of the Orokonui Ecosanctuary, Jules is an enthusiastic supporter of our native wildlife. With plenty of native trees at home, he traps possums on an ongoing basis and enjoys the resulting birdsong and flutter of fantails in particular. One unusual delight was having a morepork roost in a punga at the backdoor for many years in the coldest winter weeks.

Do you want:

  • Real recycling, especially of plastics, instead of stalling and excuses?

  • Authentic Emission Reduction instead of no progress whatsoever in 3 years?

  • Small, electric inner-city Loop Buses to cut emissions, attract tourists and provide reliable public transport that will induce genuine mode-shift through convenience?

The Vote JULES RADICH for Mayor and TEAM DUNEDIN for Council.

Financial Control is a discipline not always followed by elected officials. We can see examples around New Zealand where huge debt burdens have been accumulated in the pursuit of vanity projects while infrastructure suffers from neglect.

In Dunedin, we endured a ridiculous situation with the Octagon closed off to traffic for some time at a cost to ratepayers of $370,000 and an average loss to Octagon businesses of 10% of turnover, yet it was hailed as some kind of success.

Debt & Rates

There is always a balance to be maintained. Right now, Dunedin is on track to a billion dollars in debt for Council alone with the Council-controlled companies forging ahead of that. As a company director of some decades, Jules brings fiscal prudence to the table which will need more attention paid to it if we are to weather the current storm of interest rate rises and ever-increasing inflation. The business heads of Team Dunedin deserve all your votes if we are to avoid even greater unaffordable rates rises. Here is a link to a recent advert with a range of initiatives outlined.

Jules's purpose in life is to "Influence achievement in others". To that end, he has spent the last 14 years in business coaching to help people achieve their goals. Strategic thinking skills have enabled him to provide significant assistance, especially with Tradies and Manufacturers.

Now it is time to turn those skills to the DCC.

Do you want to continue on a path to billions in debt?

Do you want genuine action on climate change instead of more reports?

Do you want climate resilience work actually done in South Dunedin instead of more talk?

Do you want a practical traffic plan than enables accessibility instead of tens of millions spent to try and make you park far away from where you want to go?

Do you want to be listened to in a genuinely democratic manner instead of being told what you are getting whether you like it or not?

If you want Council processes done with and for you rather than to you,

Vote Jules Radich for Mayor and Team Dunedin for Council

For a successful city with Leadership that Listens, vote JULES RADICH for MAYOR