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Kevin Gilbert

Being in business for more than 15 years he brings a strong focus on both financial and environmental sustainability.


Born and raised in Christchurch, Kevin then travelled and worked around the world and throughout New Zealand. Having met his wife, Esther, they decided to move back to her hometown, Dunedin.


They purchased Charlotte Bakery to make use of the first of his qualifications before including Lievito Bakery and, for the last 10 years, Gilbert’s Fine Food.


Voted to represent the interests of New Zealand’s baking industry for the last 10 years, both within the halls of Government, in the eyes and lens of the media, as well as on the global stage, he is well versed with the process of group decision making, strategic planning and being answerable for your actions.


Having two trade qualifications (baker and chef) and having earned his Bachelor of Culinary Arts in 2011, Kevin is a strong believer in education and growth.

He is active in the area of vocational training both from a practical, hands-on perspective as well as being part of the selected group tasked with trying to ensure future generations are cared for and educated to a high standard in their chosen field.


Whether at the Otago Farmers Market or as a regular announcer on Radio Dunedin, Kevin enjoys his time talking to residents of his adopted home.


He believes we can, turn Dunedin into an example of what a city can achieve – waste reduction, affordable social housing, financial prosperity without an ever-increasing burden on its residents, food waste minimisation – in fact, all of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals are ones that Dunedin could lead the world in, or at least show just what kiwis are capable of.

“Dunedin has a vibrancy, strength, and ambition which is grounded in history, driven by the locals, and proudly looking to the future”