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Party Bins

Students sometimes get a bad rap in Dunedin for the mess they make, but is it fair to blame all for the actions of a few?

All students do not deserve to be demonized by the actions of a few.
Most clean up after themselves...eventually. One way to make it easier for them to tidy as they go and avoid making a mess in the first place might be to supply PARTY BINS.
Anyone having a party could simply phone for Party Bins and a set of suitably labelled recycling & rubbish bins could be dropped off. Those bins would then be collected on the next normal rubbish day.
I have observed that people at a party are happy to put their empty glass, cans and cardboard in appropriate bins as long as they are clearly labelled and handy.
This could be a simple and inexpensive experiment that might radically reduce the amount of broken glass on the streets and footpaths of north Dunedin.
Students clean partying mess as memorial event
Recently more than 100 students took part in a cleanup organised by the Otago University Students Association (OUSA) in memory of Sophia Crestani.

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