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A sustainable city is engaging in preparation against climate change, focused on building resilient infrastructure and is protective of its residents. 

Getting on with the job of protecting the Esplanade and South Dunedin is critical to financial, physical and mental wellbeing of the residents in St Clair and St Kilda. Many hundreds of thousands have been spent on reports, it is time to take some action...



South Dunedin was hit by a devastating flood in 2015 but only minor improvements have been made to stormwater systems. It is time to improve our protection capability. 

While there are significant investigations happening, there are certain straightforward improvements that can be done to provide an increased level of comfort for residents of the area.

A city in which residents feel endangered is not sustainable, people will simply leave. Citizens expect to feel safe and Team Dunedin aims to fulfill that expectation. We will do it by measuring your rating of Dunedin using the Residents Opinion Survey then comparing results year on year to measure progress.

Many people are frightened for their safety in the modern world.

What can Council do to help reassure them and provide the security they look for?

Team Dunedin will conduct a thorough safety audit of the City including resident surveys to determine what is required and how it can be done.

NZ Police in Dunedin