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A vibrant city has thriving inhabitants with free-flowing access to a fascinating environment and enjoyable lifestyle options. A vibrant city is convenient to get around, welcoming to do business in and fun to work, play or live in.

The Tracks and Trails around and throughout Dunedin are well used and that usage is increasing.  Correspondingly we want to expand the network further while linking up current and future trails.

We would like to see the 3 main playgrounds in Dunedin upgraded to "Destination" status rather like the Margaret Mahy model in Christchurch.

We would like to see provision of public access BBQ's expanded following a co-design process with enthusiastic communities.

More free-to-use activity facilities would provide strong temptation for all ages to get outdoors and enjoy our surroundings.

Signal Hill Track

Free Flow includes traffic. Our 1-Way system for the State Highway passing through Dunedin should remain in place. A majority of people use cars to get around and it is unlikely that will change. We strongly support low emission choices and many residents have no option other than a car. A Loop Bus using small electric vehicles could replicate Dunedin Tramlines and be another tourist attraction as well as a convenient way for residents to get around.

Dunedin's 1-Way system is important for business pick-up & delivery, accessibility for customers, social connectivity, provincial and national transportation as well as emergency services.,

Dunedin deserves to be open for business, not shut down and constricted in outlook. Prosperous people are the lifeblood of a vibrant metropolis. They work at interesting jobs that pay well because entrepreneurial investors are prepared to expand their enterprises here. Business growth drives employment growth.

Regent Theatre, Dunedin



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