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A welcoming city listens to residents so they are able to participate in the decisions that affect their future.

This is a critical difference from representational democracy which happens when elected officials assume they were chosen carry out their own wishes rather than the aspirations of the people.

Inclusive participatory democracy happens when residents are genuinely consulted on important issues, have their opinions welcomed then actually taken into account.

Brighton Beach, Dunedin

Welcoming means inclusive which also means that marginal or typically silent elements in our community will be taken heed of. While self-selected voices can be useful in any discussion, scientific surveys provide powerful data that deserves to be heeded.

Brighton Gala Day is a fun day out for all the family.

From young to old, our community should embrace everyone.

Young person in Dunedin

Too often, older citizens are taken for granted, but they are a growing demographic with solid investments in Dunedin and they would like to be listened to.

Older people

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